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I'm on the verge of buying two used filters an Eheim 2215 and an Eheim professional II. Does anybody recommended these filters? How much would they be worth used and in Canada?

What size tank are these for?

I have a 26 gallon, plan to upgrade soon. The main question is are these worth $160 used for both of them? Is the price good, that's the lowest I got him to?

I'd go ahead and buy them. Just make sure that you run them on some plain water for awhile to make sure that you aren't bringing any parasites or diseases into your tank. See if you can get him to also give you any unused filter media, as you will eventually need it and I doubt he will.

Okay, I'll do that and it comes with no media anyways so I'll have to go buy some. Thanks for the help Evan, much appreciated :)


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